Better world club members


We are the Better World Club, a group of middle school students who are taking action for a better world. We are youth-led, so we create projects around our passions, with the support of BC certified teachers.

We are a part of the Ponderosa Education Community.




Our vision for Kelowna is to have more native plants in the area.


British Columbia has an astounding 1807 species at risk of extinction. Our goal is to restore native plant populations throughout the Okanagan valley to rewild our land for a better environment for our community and for future generations to come.


It wasn’t too long ago when we were just learning about COP-26 in class. Learning about climate change and  the impacts its causing on our world was hard to hear. So we thought, if COP-26 is trying to help our world why can’t we? That’s when the Better World Club started.


When this club began, we weren’t sure what we should do next. We tried different things, seeing which ones we enjoyed  more. Soon we realised we all cared about nature, animals, working outdoors, and helping our communty. This is what lead to our idea for Project Miniforest. 

We are very proud to say we are the winners of project pitch sustainable development challenge, where we competed with other high schools across Kelowna. At this challenge, we pitched our idea for Project Miniforest and won $5000 for the project. We still can not believe that we won first place and we are very happy about it.


A few month later after our project pitch, we were invited to the city council to talk about our project furthermore. There, we did another successful presentation. After we finished, we were sutprised to know the city council had offered us another $5000. 


Because of these achievements we now have more money to plant more miniforests. 


Our project is aiming to work on improving goal number 15, life on land. But by planting native trees we are also improving life below water, climate action, and good health and well being. 


Plants are a great source of food and habitat for land animals. They improve our water, soil, and air quality. Trees provide us shade, regulate extreme temperatures, and improves the land’s capacity to adapt to climate change. All of these are benefits that planting miniforests will give us. 

sustainable development goals


Human activity is the cause of all our current environmental crises. It’s now our job to finish what was started. By planting trees we are creating habitats, cleaning our surroundings, and putting a stop to climate change. We might be a bit young but we can do amazing things, specially with your support. Join us and help us make our world a better place, we can do this simply one tree at a time.


Follow us on Instagram or sign up on our newsletter to join future events. If we want to make a change we need to it together. Plants have taken care of us, it’s time to take care of them. 


We are the rewilding generation.